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"It Isn't The Best Product That Sells The Most... 
It's The Product That Is Marketed The Best
That Sells The Most!"

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Why Read This Book?


You will learn what kind of marketing leads to profitability and how to consistently integrate it. 


You will learn how to develop a marketing system that is sustainable over years and even decades. 


You will know when to advertise and when not to . Save yourself thousands of dollars doing it the right way.


Not all messaging works. You will learn how to create a unique and compelling value proposition.


Systematizing your marketing leads to increased profitability. Learn how to create a Compete Strategic Marketing Plan.

Andy Speaks

If you would like Andy to come and speak to a business group that you belong to, please click on the link and book him.

Andy's Bio

Andy is the CEO of Taverit Marketing. In addition to speaking, he assists his clients in marketing their businesses through the development of strategic marketing efforts that generate consistent revenue growth.

What makes Andy so unique is that he knows how to eliminate the systemic gap between a business’s inside reality and the consumer’s outside perception. Once this gap has been eliminated, the companies he works with often double or triple revenues.

Andy works and lives in the Houston, Texas area with his wife and four children. He enjoys most outdoor activities and sports. He considers one of his greatest achieve-ments to be the jumping off of the Stratosphere (855 feet high) in Las Vegas—a significant achievement, considering that he is deathly afraid of heights.
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Zach Behnke

I give this book 5 stars. I have read many business books over the years and this is one of my favorites. Reasons for this is it’s a very easy read but it also gives you more than just a taste. What I mean by that is most books I have read give you just a little bit of info and basically set you up to read their next book. Andy gives you tools that you can implement day 1 in a fun and easy to comprehend manner. There is no better place to get started if you want to learn about marketing.

Contact Me

+1 (832) 819-3990

7915 FM-1960 Rd W Suite #380
Houston, TX 77070

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